AndSoWeSaw // The Snow Dragon

What better way to spend Christmas Eve Eve then heading to the Hippodrome to watch Tall Stories production of The Snow Dragon.

Our visit started with Family Fun in the Foyers and the Small loved creating his reindeer and candle holder (I may have loved it a little too much and am still covered in chalk paints), this certainly set off the festive feels on a damp Saturday afternoon.

Show time quickly came around and before we knew it we were whisked into a world of woodland creatures...Billy the Goat and his friends Spike (hedgehog obvs!), and Rosie (the piglet),  getting ready for their New Years Eve (which is very much like our Human Christmas Eve)

The thing that has struck me most about the show (and all other children's theatre we have seen) is that the children never once questioned the characters; as the cast of 3 played multiple parts. With jokes for the adults and catchy songs throughout, the audience were part of the journey from the off and all were encouraged to sing along and help Billy answer some questions along the way. 

After the performance we had the chance to meet the cast and all the children loved showing off their best howls. the cast were so generous with their time and paid special attention talking to the children and asking them what their favourite parts of the show were. 

With a running time of 50 mins, the Small was starting to get fidgety right at the end. Recommended for ages 3+ it comes with a massive thumbs up from us (Me, Small, Grumpa and the Other Half aka: our photographer for the day) 

The show runs at the Hippodrome until January 7th and is a great way to spend some time away from the chaos of the Christmas celebrations. 

We were invited to watch the show in return for a review. As always the words and 
thoughts our my own.

BrumBlogmas // RED

I love red

It is my all time favourite colour

Just like my Auntie Rose (she isn't red, she just loves the colour too!)

There is something about the boldness of the colour that makes me feel like I can take on the world

Ok, maybe not the world, but it makes me smile and that's a good place to start.

My red purse is by far my most extravagant purchase of all time.

It is the single most expensive thing i have ever purchased that I did not need.

My sister made me do it! 

We were in New York way way back in 2006 ish (i think) and we 'popped in' to the Louis Vuitton shop. 

And there it was.

Calling me.

After 10 minutes of ooooooing we left.

How could i spend that amount of money on a purse.

For the first (and last) time ever I had disposable income.

We went back in.

I paid $555 

Isn't it ridiculous.

However I've done a little bit of maths.

Over the past 12 years this purse has cost me 7.89 pence per day.

I think that's what is called an investment.

That's what i'm telling myself anyway.

I have no intention of replacing it anytime soon, even if the stitching is starting to go and the leather is starting to wear.

I'm sure there are some people out there who would be horrified at the state of this luxury purchase. But I bought it to be used. 

Come on, tell me, what is the craziest thing you have splashed out on, that was just for you?

I promise I won't tell anyone. 

Bah Humbug // Top 10 Christmas Peaves

Now by no means am I a Scrooge McDuck, BUT, there are some things I just can't quite deal with at this time of year...

1: Early Doors: Christmas does not start on November 1st (December 1st is as early as it is allowed)

2: Advent Calender's: What happened to just having a chocolate one? (don't get me wrong I'd love 24 bottles of gin, but we've all gone a bit mad now)

3: The German Market (why do we pay £10 for tiny cups of hot wine and giant hot dogs?)

4: Panto (honestly, check out local theatre productions for the kids, way more magical and festive)

5: The need to please everyone. As soon as you have a kid it's game over, it becomes about how many visits you can squeeze in over a 48 hour period.

6: Gift buying. Please don't buy me anything from the boots 3 for 2. I hate bath stuff and they will be re gifted

7: Sprouts. Have never been cool, so why do we force feed them onto our loved ones?

8: Work Drinks. I don't drink (Well not enough to count) and  I don't really like spending 40 hours a week with you, so why oh why do i have to socialise with you

9: Food Shopping. The shops are closed for 24 hours! it is not (I repeat NOT) Armageddon. As long as you've got your loved ones with you who cares if you eat a full roast or a crisp sandwich for dinner

10:T.V. Oh terrible Xmas movie channel's and re runs and re boots and everything in between. Can we all just accept that the only Xmas film is Die Hard and just loop that for 25 days. 

Well that feels better now i have got that off my chest! 

What about you? I'm sure there's at least one thing that drives you mad?

How Many Santas...

How many Santas is too many Santas?

We are one week into December and with my small already having seen three Santas (only one of them was actually planned!), i’m starting to realise I actually need to be organised with what events we go to at this time of year.

This is the first year that the Small ‘gets it’. And the questions have not stopped since he figured out this magical time of the year (yes, that was about mid October. Joy).

Why don’t we have lights outside our house (we don't own any)
Is it Christmas tomorrow (no. Repeated for approximately 55 days)
Why don’t we have a tree up yet (because mummy and daddy are quite terrible, and before you arrived it didn't go up until the week before C day)

Thank goodness the Small is just too excited to have noticed he has seen so many red dressed beardy men, but next year I fear he will most certainly spot my error!

So, thinking about our many encountered Santas I reached out to a bunch of wonderful bloggers and posed the question how many Santa’s is too many Santa’s?

(I appreciate it sounds like a bad cracker joke)

The general consensus is just One Santa will do.

Frances - whingewhingewine

One, as close to Christmas as possible! Too confusing otherwise, not to mention expensive!

Christy -  welshmum

I'm just doing one grotto and I have it booked in for the 23rd December. I'm not the type to spend all of December being Christmassy - I like to pack it all into the last week at most

And when the kids start to question why….

Mine were OK seeing a couple Santa's over the festive season. However, as they got older they would question why they had to keep telling Santa what they wanted. I used to say that he was old and forgetful. Now we just visit one Santa to keep the magic alive

Definitely only one or you have to explain why they look different and get into the old ‘he must be one of Santa’s helpers as the REAL Santa is so busy at the North Pole’ discussion

Caroline - carterfamily4

Mine have always known that the ones we see in garden centres shopping centres are not the "real" Santa.....he's far too busy at the north pole but they help him out and send back to him what everyone wants.

Louise -  astrongcoffeetogo

It was my youngest who had to explain to my eldest that he had helpers. So now I’m happy with the fact that they know it will be a helper. Still only want to see one though.

And what about those children that require a little more quiet time…

One is too many here. My son, who is autistic, would find visiting too noisy and upsetting and he would notice he was not real. I think it keeps it more magical anyway

We'll end up seeing three, maybe four. We do a Sensory Santa session for my autistic daughter, but we're also going to the Snowdome and a Christmas party on 23rd. I think she'll see one at school too! Luckily, she's a bit clueless about it all, so I don't think she'll realise!

How about yourselves? Did the kids start to twig something was a bit fishy? Or did you manage to avert disaster!

Thanks for all the lovely contributions, and it has certainly made me think more about what next year should look like.