The Stare

So it happened
It took 2 1/2 years to happen but it did
we got the stare
you know, the one where someone is judging you and your parenting
and it bothered me
I wanted to go over to the judgemental lady and tell her...
we are good parents
we are on our holidays
he is a good boy 99% of the time
now is the 1 %
now is the time we parent via YouTube so that you get to eat your fish and chips in peace and not be terrorised by an over tired and vocal toddler
now is the time that I feel like I have to justify my parenting to you and i have never set eyes on you before
now is the time when I want to go and say stop staring, didn't anyone tell you it's rude
stop whispering to your friends/ husband/ sister
we are not bothering you
you are however bothering me and my enjoyment with my family who I only get to see a couple of times a year
I know I should ignore
but it's really hard
as we all know, this parenting business is blooming hard
we are doing ok
we have a happy MiniMonkey
that's all that matters
so to all the starers/ mutterers/ judgers
Leave us Be


Another month, another hashtag and another blog post.
Nope. Not one bit...
Ok, maybe my skinny wrists and wonky smile but that's about it.
It's been 7 years since a I was at my skinniest, 2 and a half since the MiniMonkey arrived, and 36 successful years of cake!
I am the definition of a yo yo dieter: I know exactly what I need to be eating and I love going to the gym but…..that mojo. Gone. However, last month I had one of those 'enough is enough' moments. I cannot remain being unfit if I want to be running round the park like a loon and take him on long walks and not need to sit down after 10mins!
So I have joined a local ‘muscle’ gym. I bloomin love it!  In 3 weeks I am slowly getting my confidence back. It isn't about loving the overall outside package….I'm nowhere near that point yet, but I am starting to find me again and surely we start from the inside out!?
My love of cake shall never die and I am not destined to live a paleo, raw, gluten free life! I will, however, get strong and learn to #lovemybod again. I've only got the one and I can’t afford a trade in!
First published on MeetOtherMums