AndSoWeWent // Bardolino

So it is Tuesday morning and I am up and in town before 9am
Feeling quite smug as I am not one of the commuters this morning.
(I'm not lazy btw, I'm just used to being at work in London town by now!)
I am off to sample the delights of Marco Pierre Whites latest offering: Bardolino at The Cube
The website promoises authentic Italian pizza and pasta along with brunch in a super relaxed dining atmosphere
Best stop talking and head on in. 
A wonderful transformation from its previous incarnation of a gym cafe.
Rustic, homely, fresh herbs on the table and a wall of windows so you can see the canal whatever the weather 
Coffee. Yes!
The fanciest coffee cup I've seen in a while.
Winner. Good body, decent hit of caffine and not just a glass of warm milk
Everything from porridge to the full 'Marco' is on offer for us to sample this morning 
First up bagels. 
I go for the Elvis Presley. Peanut butter and banana. Sweet and salty always a good combo.
Cooked breakfast comes in an iron cast dish and is just the right size. 
I'm a bit of a sausage snob (stop it now), these are wonderful and are great with the homemade baked beans.
My go to menu choice: scrambled eggs and bacon....not your usual kind tho. Pancetta , sourdough and perfect scrambled eggs.
Porridge with coconut milk and fresh expected this is not your average bowl of porridge oats. And something lighter if your not a big breakfast kinda person.
Ooooo fresh mango juice. Yummy.
As we are all about the MiniMonkey I soon find out this joyous news:
Kids eat free all day everyday!
No worrying about having to share your own food
Although brand spanking new (the finishing touches are just being done) it is chilled and perfect for lone working in the window (plug sockets along the whole brench), brunch with the MiniMonkey or grab a group of people you love and sit round the big centre tables and fight over the breadsticks.
A really nice introduction to Bardolino; and the staff, management and exec team were so very welcoming and certainly knew their stuffs.
We shall be back and will be putting the kids menu to the test
Cheers guys 

AndSoWeSaw // ReinRaumRaus


I saw On The Edge pop up on my timeline a few weeks ago
An arts festival for children? Perfect for the MiniMonkey
So many shows to chose from so we settled on ReinRaumRaus
Also booked in Daddy Monkey and Grumpa
Arrived at Mac Birmingham and I'm ashamed to say it's the first time i've been
What a phenomenal building
Waiting patiently outside with around 50 children aged between teeny to school aged
In we go (not sure who's more excited; me or the MiniMonkey)
The performance space smells of waffles. Now I'm hungry
And so we begin.
MiniMonkey didn't blink for the whole time.
He was captivated by what goes on in the kitchen when you try to make waffles.
[gallery ids="184,183" type="rectangular"]
Milk falling out of draws, leaky ceilings, stacking bowls, dancing with spoons. handstands in giant pans and making giant cups of tea
I was worried about Daddy Monkey, this really isn't his thing. He came along as I promised i'd feed him afterwards!
He really enjoyed it as did Grumpa
The perfect finishing touch was bring the kids all together at the end (there's a little more to it but i don't want to ruin it if you ever get to go!)
When it comes around next year, you need to get your tickets. It was a great way to expose the kids to performance and embrace your inner kid

Thank you On The Edge for letting me watch a performance through my MiniMonkeys eyes
It awakened my own inner MiniMonkey
Until next year...