Bah Humbug // Top 10 Christmas Peaves

Now by no means am I a Scrooge McDuck, BUT, there are some things I just can't quite deal with at this time of year...

1: Early Doors: Christmas does not start on November 1st (December 1st is as early as it is allowed)

2: Advent Calender's: What happened to just having a chocolate one? (don't get me wrong I'd love 24 bottles of gin, but we've all gone a bit mad now)

3: The German Market (why do we pay £10 for tiny cups of hot wine and giant hot dogs?)

4: Panto (honestly, check out local theatre productions for the kids, way more magical and festive)

5: The need to please everyone. As soon as you have a kid it's game over, it becomes about how many visits you can squeeze in over a 48 hour period.

6: Gift buying. Please don't buy me anything from the boots 3 for 2. I hate bath stuff and they will be re gifted

7: Sprouts. Have never been cool, so why do we force feed them onto our loved ones?

8: Work Drinks. I don't drink (Well not enough to count) and  I don't really like spending 40 hours a week with you, so why oh why do i have to socialise with you

9: Food Shopping. The shops are closed for 24 hours! it is not (I repeat NOT) Armageddon. As long as you've got your loved ones with you who cares if you eat a full roast or a crisp sandwich for dinner

10:T.V. Oh terrible Xmas movie channel's and re runs and re boots and everything in between. Can we all just accept that the only Xmas film is Die Hard and just loop that for 25 days. 

Well that feels better now i have got that off my chest! 

What about you? I'm sure there's at least one thing that drives you mad?

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