How Many Santas...

How many Santas is too many Santas?

We are one week into December and with my small already having seen three Santas (only one of them was actually planned!), i’m starting to realise I actually need to be organised with what events we go to at this time of year.

This is the first year that the Small ‘gets it’. And the questions have not stopped since he figured out this magical time of the year (yes, that was about mid October. Joy).

Why don’t we have lights outside our house (we don't own any)
Is it Christmas tomorrow (no. Repeated for approximately 55 days)
Why don’t we have a tree up yet (because mummy and daddy are quite terrible, and before you arrived it didn't go up until the week before C day)

Thank goodness the Small is just too excited to have noticed he has seen so many red dressed beardy men, but next year I fear he will most certainly spot my error!

So, thinking about our many encountered Santas I reached out to a bunch of wonderful bloggers and posed the question how many Santa’s is too many Santa’s?

(I appreciate it sounds like a bad cracker joke)

The general consensus is just One Santa will do.

Frances - whingewhingewine

One, as close to Christmas as possible! Too confusing otherwise, not to mention expensive!

Christy -  welshmum

I'm just doing one grotto and I have it booked in for the 23rd December. I'm not the type to spend all of December being Christmassy - I like to pack it all into the last week at most

And when the kids start to question why….

Mine were OK seeing a couple Santa's over the festive season. However, as they got older they would question why they had to keep telling Santa what they wanted. I used to say that he was old and forgetful. Now we just visit one Santa to keep the magic alive

Definitely only one or you have to explain why they look different and get into the old ‘he must be one of Santa’s helpers as the REAL Santa is so busy at the North Pole’ discussion

Caroline - carterfamily4

Mine have always known that the ones we see in garden centres shopping centres are not the "real" Santa.....he's far too busy at the north pole but they help him out and send back to him what everyone wants.

Louise -  astrongcoffeetogo

It was my youngest who had to explain to my eldest that he had helpers. So now I’m happy with the fact that they know it will be a helper. Still only want to see one though.

And what about those children that require a little more quiet time…

One is too many here. My son, who is autistic, would find visiting too noisy and upsetting and he would notice he was not real. I think it keeps it more magical anyway

We'll end up seeing three, maybe four. We do a Sensory Santa session for my autistic daughter, but we're also going to the Snowdome and a Christmas party on 23rd. I think she'll see one at school too! Luckily, she's a bit clueless about it all, so I don't think she'll realise!

How about yourselves? Did the kids start to twig something was a bit fishy? Or did you manage to avert disaster!

Thanks for all the lovely contributions, and it has certainly made me think more about what next year should look like.

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