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AndSoWeSaw// Sleepyhead at MAC

Sunday mornings were made for hanging out at MAC and seeing what babies get up to when it’s bedtime.

It is no secret that I adore Little Angel Theatre Company (they made me cry with last years production 'Me') and so I was expecting great things. As ever, I was not disappointed (and neither was they boy)

Suitable for ages 2-5 (and not forgetting the grownups too) we settled down to watch Dad and Baby as they get ready for bed.

As us grownups know, it is not often that bedtime is smooth sailing and the next 40 minutes we see Baby have the most wonderful time causing mischief and having all the fun.

When a studio full of kids are belly laughing away at the silliness of Baby and a Rabbit with a suspicious French accent, you know everyone has been brought into the magic of the moment. I won’t tell you too much more as I want you to experience the delightful silliness for yourselves.

Sleepyhead runs until Sunday 2nd December so grab your tickets quickly HERE

MAC kindly invited us along to watch the show in exchange for our review. As ever opinions our ours (and we loved it!)

AndSoWeSaw// Pinocchio

What better way to kick off the festive season than heading to The Old Rep on a Saturday afternoon to watch this year’s seasonal offering of Pinocchio.

My date for the afternoon (the kid) and I took our seats and from the second the house lights dimmed and the stage lit up, my son was whisked away on a journey of the little boy who just wanted to be good. 

My memory of this particular tale is based around the Disney classic; the story of the Toy Maker who desperately wanted a son, and so created a puppet that came to life. Along Pinnochio's journey, familiar faces appeared alongside the Blue Fairy (in place of a cricket) offered up plenty of moral guidance and entertainment along the way.

The story is filled with musical numbers and light-hearted moments with both the young and older laughing away. If you want to watch something a little different from the usual panto affair, this show gets a Two Thumbs Up from the 4-year-old! And as an additional FYI (and possible spoiler alert) the kids favourite part was... 

'When the puppet got their skin' 

A familiar tale with a musical spin on it’s telling, Pinnochio is a great way to get into the season of Good Will. Along with a fab production and leading roles the supporting cast is made up with local students from Birmingham Ormiston Academy having their opportunity to tread the boards in their own fair city.

Pinocchio is on at The Old Rep until December 30th (with a relaxed performance on December 15th)

We were invited along to the press launch in exchange for our honest review. As ever our opinions (mine and the 4-year-olds) are our own.