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AndSoWeSaw // Rudolph at MAC

Dashing from a Softplay birthday party on a Saturday evening the boy does a Speedy costume change into his PJs and we crash into MAC with minutes to spare before Rudolph begins.

Walking into a Theatre filled with children (and adults) in their PJs makes it feel quite magical, and with our complimentary red noses we were seated and waiting for the show to begin.

Mom and Son with red noses ready to watch Rudolph
Rocking our Red Noses
We join the story in the Starry Safari Park where an alien lands with a bump in the night. This isn’t your usual Xmas affair. 

Although we quickly realise that this isn’t an alien. It is a rather lost Rudolph.

A rather lost Rudolph who doesn’t know who she is. Yes. SHE; we all know that it’s the females that lead the sleigh (the poor males lose their antlers in the winter!)

Through the guidance of Baggy (Snowy Owl and narrator of sorts), Rudolph explores the safari park trying to fit in with the other animals and finding it hard when they say she is different to them.

Rudolph is sitting with Baggy as she realises she has made it home to the North Pole
(L-R Tea Poldervaart, Hannah Bristow, Lakesha Cammock) Credit Robert Day
There are funny and tender moments throughout and everyone was drawn into the tale. And here is where I leave it, as I don’t want to spoil the ending.

Pins and Needles have bought us another Christmas show to remember and to feel all the festive joy, you’ve got until December 31st (Click HERE to grab your tickets)

MAC kindly invited us along to watch the show in exchange for our review. As ever opinions our ours (and we both loved it!)

AndSoWeSaw// Sleepyhead at MAC

Sunday mornings were made for hanging out at MAC and seeing what babies get up to when it’s bedtime.

It is no secret that I adore Little Angel Theatre Company (they made me cry with last years production 'Me') and so I was expecting great things. As ever, I was not disappointed (and neither was they boy)

Suitable for ages 2-5 (and not forgetting the grownups too) we settled down to watch Dad and Baby as they get ready for bed.

As us grownups know, it is not often that bedtime is smooth sailing and the next 40 minutes we see Baby have the most wonderful time causing mischief and having all the fun.

When a studio full of kids are belly laughing away at the silliness of Baby and a Rabbit with a suspicious French accent, you know everyone has been brought into the magic of the moment. I won’t tell you too much more as I want you to experience the delightful silliness for yourselves.

Sleepyhead runs until Sunday 2nd December so grab your tickets quickly HERE

MAC kindly invited us along to watch the show in exchange for our review. As ever opinions our ours (and we loved it!)