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Family Photos // Tesco Photo Review

I love photos.
I love going into peoples homes and seeing walls of pictures. 
You get to see the past and present and all those adventures people have been on.

So when Tesco Photo offered the chance to have a canvas printed I jumped at the opportunity (and if you haven’t guessed already they have kindly gifted us a canvas print in exchange for this review) 

The irony is at the moment we have no photos on the walls; or shelves for that matter. We are about to begin a massive renovation which has been ten years in the waiting.

2 years ago my partner captured one of my favourites images. Our boy stood on his Grumpa’s paddleboard in Devon. 

In this image is one of my favourite memories. A very last minute and late night trip to the beach. My dad had one home after a full day out and said the surf was perfect and so the FunBus (my dads VW Caravelle) was packed up with haste and to Westward Ho! we went.

Photo of our son stood on his Grumpa's Paddleboard at Westward Ho! 

In the 2 years since we just never got round to printing it, that picture has been living in my mind and my phone ever since it was taken. it’s always just seemed like a lot of bother (and we are always the eternal procrastinators!)

So back to Tesco Photo. They offer a next day Collect in Store service for no additional charge (which is always a bonus in my eyes). You head to the website and select your product; choosing from picture books, canvas' or even a cushion cover. Then you upload your image and check that everything looks good before you head to pay. As with other photo printing companies, it’s easy to navigate and you have plenty of opportunity to make sure you are happy with your final version before you confirm and pay.

12 hours later and I received the text to say our canvas was ready to collect….we dashed over (because we are too impatient) and collect our print. The quality of the finish is great (even down to the folding of the canvas at the back) and the boy is over the moon he has a giant picture of him at the beach. 

For now, the canvas remains under bubble wrap (once we snapped this quick picture of course) as we demolish the house, but I can assure you it will be the first picture we hang once all the chaos is over. 

Tesco Photo kindly gifted us the canvas for an honest review of their site. As ever all words and opinions are all mine

AndSoWeSaw// Mischief And Mystery In Moomin Valley

I love the Moomins
The kid loves the Moomins

So last Saturday we headed to MAC to watch Mischief and Mystery in Moomin Valley (produced by Get Lost & Found)

Getting Lost in Moomin Valley 
We headed upstairs to one of the performance spaces and whilst we were waiting the boy spotted Snufkin hiding behind some cases.

‘Why is he hiding?’
‘I think he’s waiting for all of us to go in a sit down’

As we went into the room we were greeted by Stuff & Nonsense; our storytellers for the performance. The children were encouraged to sit on the floor so they could get closer to the magic. I too had to sit on the floor as the boy decided that he wanted some company (I was so happy to get the old pins and needles in my toes for the next 40 minutes or perhaps not!)

The show started without anyone even realising. The children were asked if they had bought their imaginations as it was very important, which led into a very important discussion around what ‘magic’ sounded like.

Stuff & Nonsense helped to tell the tale of the changing of the seasons and how Moomintroll feels when his best friend Snufkin goes away for the winter.

With appearances from Little My (ever the pessimist) and Thingummy and Bob causing mischief along the way the story is told through a mix of 2d and 3d puppetry along with the children using their imaginations as each season changed.

The thing that I love about children’s performances is the interaction of them. Instead of being told to sit and be quiet, they are encouraged to get involved and share their ideas.

Mischief and Mystery in Moomin Valley continues to tour until the end of the year, so do check it out if they come your way.

With Moomins returning to our screens next year I cannot wait to sit and watch it as a family.

MAC kindly offered us tickets to the performance to review the show. As ever our views are entirely our own.