AndSoWeSaw // 'Me'

It is clear that we are now into the festive season with full abandonment and so what better way to perk up our festive spirit than a trip to our favourite performance space; MAC over in Cannon Hill Park

Last Saturday we were invited to come along and watch Little Angel Theatre’s production of Me. I knew we would be in for a great show, as last year we watched their production of The Bear; and any show that makes me cry with puppetry has to be worth checking out.

As soon as we walked into the performance space Small saw the icy mountains and a Penguin sitting and waiting for us all to arrive.

'Mummy, what is the Penguin doing?’
'Let's take a seat and see what happens Monkey'

Based on the book Me by Emma Dodd; we were very quickly taken into the world of a freshly hatched baby Penguin as they explored the world around them. With just a single performer on stage and accompanied by some beautiful music, we were drawn into the icy magic.

The most joyful thing about taking Small to the theatre is seeing his reactions (along with the other kids around us).. Lots of questions being asked, and gasps as Little One gets into a couple of scrapes along the way.

Just 40 minutes long, it is perfect for those with wiggly toes and a great way to begin this festive season.

As I mentioned earlier this is the second Little Angel Theatre production we have seen, and we were not disappointed.

'Me' is only on until the 30th of this month, so grab yourself some tickets and start your festive season the right way

Oh, and on Smalls Christmas list? He wants his own Little One to go on adventures with.

Whilst MAC invited us to watch the show, my thoughts are all my own (and of course the Small’s)

Please Stop

I joined Instagram a little over 18 months ago as an extension to my blog.
It is now my biggest platform and it is the one i love the most.
Without a shadow of a doubt, I have found a tribe of amazing women.
We all have one thing in common:

We are fierce.

Each one of us has a different background
Each one of us can educate and inform 
And all of us have a safe place to share
You hear week after week that someone has taken issue with

Single mums
Working mums
Stay at home mums
The kind of trainers I wear
People in general


At what point in your life did your brain stop listening and decide that it is OK to knock another human down.
A human you know nothing about.

How would you feel if someone came up to you in the street and said right to your face 
‘You are a terrible human being’
‘You are not good enough’
‘Your Insta life makes me sick’

How would you feel if your child, niece, nephew, best friend, sister, brother came home and said

‘Someone told me i was worthless’
‘Someone said i’m a bad mother/ father/ sister/ brother/ human’


You do not have to like everyone
You do not have to have the same beliefs
Parenting ideals
Life goals
Taste in pizza toppings

This is the joy of being an individual and being fortunate enough to life in a democratic world. 

It saddens me to see people who I really admire being pulled to pieces on social media.

If you don’t like someone 
Scroll on by
Even better?
Stop following them

My feed is full of people and places I want to see, 
To feel happy and inspired 
People who I engage with
Next time you go to type something mean, think about what you would do if someone said that to you 

This world is tough enough 

Be Kinder