AndSoWeSaw // The Snow Dragon

What better way to spend Christmas Eve Eve then heading to the Hippodrome to watch Tall Stories production of The Snow Dragon.

Our visit started with Family Fun in the Foyers and the Small loved creating his reindeer and candle holder (I may have loved it a little too much and am still covered in chalk paints), this certainly set off the festive feels on a damp Saturday afternoon.

Show time quickly came around and before we knew it we were whisked into a world of woodland creatures...Billy the Goat and his friends Spike (hedgehog obvs!), and Rosie (the piglet),  getting ready for their New Years Eve (which is very much like our Human Christmas Eve)

The thing that has struck me most about the show (and all other children's theatre we have seen) is that the children never once questioned the characters; as the cast of 3 played multiple parts. With jokes for the adults and catchy songs throughout, the audience were part of the journey from the off and all were encouraged to sing along and help Billy answer some questions along the way. 

After the performance we had the chance to meet the cast and all the children loved showing off their best howls. the cast were so generous with their time and paid special attention talking to the children and asking them what their favourite parts of the show were. 

With a running time of 50 mins, the Small was starting to get fidgety right at the end. Recommended for ages 3+ it comes with a massive thumbs up from us (Me, Small, Grumpa and the Other Half aka: our photographer for the day) 

The show runs at the Hippodrome until January 7th and is a great way to spend some time away from the chaos of the Christmas celebrations. 

We were invited to watch the show in return for a review. As always the words and 
thoughts our my own.

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