Another month, another hashtag and another blog post.
Nope. Not one bit...
Ok, maybe my skinny wrists and wonky smile but that's about it.
It's been 7 years since a I was at my skinniest, 2 and a half since the MiniMonkey arrived, and 36 successful years of cake!
I am the definition of a yo yo dieter: I know exactly what I need to be eating and I love going to the gym but…..that mojo. Gone. However, last month I had one of those 'enough is enough' moments. I cannot remain being unfit if I want to be running round the park like a loon and take him on long walks and not need to sit down after 10mins!
So I have joined a local ‘muscle’ gym. I bloomin love it!  In 3 weeks I am slowly getting my confidence back. It isn't about loving the overall outside package….I'm nowhere near that point yet, but I am starting to find me again and surely we start from the inside out!?
My love of cake shall never die and I am not destined to live a paleo, raw, gluten free life! I will, however, get strong and learn to #lovemybod again. I've only got the one and I can’t afford a trade in!
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