AndSoWeSaw // The Tiger Who Came to Tea

What a way to round out the festive season. Heading to the Town Hall to spend some time with friends and watch The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

I remember the tale from when I was wee, but I didn’t realise that it is in its 50th year of publication (also as a side note Judith Kerr is also responsible for a favourite of mine; Mog). Just a few days before the show I was listening to Judith talk on the radio about her love for the tale and how it grew from a bedtime tale into one of the worlds most beloved bedtime story.

So, with a spring in my step, the boy and I met up with our friends and settled into our seats. For the next 40 minutes, we were all drawn into the tale and were encouraged to sing along and get involved as a cheeky Tiger helps themselves to a snack or 3.

The story is, of course, familiar, with catchy tunes and plenty of giggles along the way. It was a wonderful, fun production with a few touches of magic along the way (I still haven’t figured out how a few of the tricks happened)!

Time and time again I am filled with joy when children are asked to participate in shows; get up on their feet, sing their hearts out and shout at the stage. This show encouraged all of this and more with a very active exercise routine and a clock that needed Ticks and Tocks.
Mum, Dad and Sophie are a joy to watch and as for the Tiger? clearly the start of the show. I won’t say much more as even though the story is familiar, there are still surprises in store.

The show is on at the Town Hall until January 13th, so grab yourself some tickets HERE and get lost in some fun

THSH kindly invited us along to watch the show in exchange for our review. As ever opinions our ours (and we both loved it if you hadn’t guessed!)

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