Instagram // When Influencers fall short

When Influencers Fall Short - Head in the Basket

I joined Instagram because I wanted somewhere to document our chaos.
Really quickly I found myself in an echo chamber. Following squares, because they were ‘famous’.
I was bored
Same old photos
Different names
And everyone had the same bloody rug

Oh what a lovely bandwagon

In real life I had started to widen my circle, learning more about my city and stepping outside of my comfortable bubble.
Changing up my squares to reflect my life, following people who speak to me, who are passionate for change (across the board)

I don’t shout about it on my Instagram, because quite frankly it doesn’t mean anything.
I see the changes in my real life
However, more recently there seems to be a growing trend for people to declare:

‘I’m inclusive’
‘I’ve struggled’
‘I’m just like you’

Everyone has their story.
Some stories are hard to read.
Some perspectives are hard to understand.
And some completely miss the mark.

Numerous people have posted numerous things declaring all of the above and rather than being drowned in a sea of admiration they have managed to alienate their followers with a single hashtag.
What is even more frustrating and disheartening to see is that when people are challenged on their perspective, rather than open up the forum to debate, discuss and learn they go into shut down mode.


If you hit delete then it never happened. You haven’t offended people and you can just carry on as before.
Occasionally you may see a fleeting story with a half-baked apology, but mostly it just disappears into the Instagram trenches.
What baffles me, as much as the original post, is that grown ass (mostly) women are behaving in a manner that is incomprehensible in the comments section.

Judgey, one might say.

We talk about the sisterhood.
How It takes a village.
People can be pretty damn nasty at times.
And if your opinion doesn’t fit?


There is absolutely a space to discuss and learn, but when someone types hurtful comments
It hurts.
If your child wrote something hurtful, what would you say?

Jeez, you don’t even need to be a parent to know being cruel is not ok.
Talk, listen, be educated. Have open and frank conversations
Challenge an opinion, but be respectful

We are living in one very messy and confused society right now and we could all do with opening our eyes and ears a little wider.


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