AndSoWe// How to Survive the Summer Holidays

There are so many posts around how to plan for the summer, I thought I’d try and put together a weekly update of how we are surviving. Like many families the summer holidays are tough. We don’t have family close by, and it has taken us 12 months to get out of the pit of Nursey Debt and so we are trying our best to wing it.

We are only able to do this with the most understanding of employers and a 4.5year old who goes with the flow (most days)

So here we go. 
Week 1…

Monday: Easy win: spent the day in the car driving back from Devon
Success rate 10/10

Tuesday: I leave at the arse crack of dawn to get in a days work so I I can tap in at 1pm when the fella has to go to work I can take over childcare duties.
Handover a success, kid requests a trip to town so we dine on 99p baguettes and cash in the coffee loyalty cards. Minor meltdown on where to grab babychinos, but all forgiven after spending an hour in TK Maxx looking at ALL the Tupperware
Success rate 9/10


Wednesday: Arse crack of dawn again, handover success, afternoon at home doing fun-filled life admin things
Success rate 8/10
Fun rate 2/10

Thursday: See Tues/ Weds handover. An afternoon spent seeing school friend and fixing the world while kids pick blackberries in the garden
Success rate 9/10

Friday: Another successful handover. Afternoon at home painting and just shooting the breeze. Then early evening we headed to our favourite establishment for food galore in the shape of Bretzels, Bratwurst and Spaetzle
Success rate 10/10

Saturday: NOPE. The first day as a full family unit since Monday and we all got on each other's nerves. I shouted. I went for a 2-hour nap and then I went out for a coffee whilst they watched Star Wars
Success rate 3/10

Sunday: Coffees, shopping and birthday parties galore. The boy even gave away his balloon to another kid when their balloon went pop
Heart Melted
Success rate 10/10

We crash into week 2 with no solid plans for the week so wish us luck!
How do you surviving?
Any advice/ tips will be greatly received!

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