Parenting Life// Today I Didn’t

As a parent, there are lots of things I don't get to do anymore. Some of those things are fun and others are just daily tasks that (let's be honest) I just don't want to do. I mean, who really wants to clean the loo! 
The Never Ending Joy of Boys 

So I put a call out to some fellow parents (who happen to blog too) to see what else other people 'Don't do in a day'

Let me hand over to my fellow bloggers

'Today I didn't...'

'Vacuum the house because I'm tired and I need some me time. I'll do it tomorrow' 


'Get a wee in peace'. 


'Wash my hair and I don’t even care' 


'Get to sleep past 6 because of the kids. Grrrr!' 


'Do anything but sleep as my newborn likes to party at night'  


And then we have some wins! 

'Burn the dinner' 🙌🏻

'   Twinderelmo

'Today I did what I wanted to do when the kids were in nursery which was nothing!' 


A double win for both SchoolRunShop  and ReadaraptorHatchling who didn't ...

'Have to shout at the kids' #winning  

I guess we win some and we lose some. As the Small is now 4, I am hoping the day I get to pee alone arrives soon! 

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