New Year New Me?

I posted this last year, but it is actually still very much how I feel 12 months later...
So we are in the month of resolutions and grand plans of greatness.
I am watching everyone being ‘good’ and my timelines and feeds are filled with the next WunderProduct to make me a new and improved human.
I’m quite happy as I am thanks.
Yes I still need to shift some weight
Yes I need to exercise more
And yes I guess I should cut down my cake intake to daily rather than twice daily
However; I will not be bullied, pressured and made to feel pants by those in charge of the advertising campaigns.
I appreciate that these products do work for people and fair play to those that have the willpower to follow a regime through.
For me to be ‘on the wagon’ my head has to be fully engaged. And I am not there yet.
First step for me is to get my house in order.
We live in utter chaos
I’ve always lived in utter chaos 
The time has come to sort it out.
With the Small now being dubbed ‘Whirlwind and Chaos’ it is only getting worse.
I actually started to sort my life out last year. I speed read Marie Kondo and The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying and it made perfect sense. I gutted the bedroom and top of the stairs and lost count of how many bags we threw away. My wardrobe remains mostly empty, but I didn't follow through on her advice and keep going. 
We want to start work on the house this year and in our current state there is no way we can even begin to rip out kitchens and garages! 
Has anyone successfully changed their ways of living?
Can’t really envisage a place where there is never a pile of washing or an even bigger pile of ironing (who seriously has time to get that done!)
Now please don't mistake our chaos for filth…..we do wipe and sweep and hoover, it's just we have so much bloody stuff it is beyond a joke now.
Over Christmas we broke a few cups and bowls and we laughed how it didn’t matter as we still have too many to fit in the cupboards. 
I can safely say we will never be minimalists, however once we have some order we can move onto the next battle...
My eternal procrastination!


  1. ❤ your home will be awesome this year ... I can feel it ��

    1. i am just soooooooo excited! cannot believe we are finally here after 8 years lol x

  2. Your house seems too much fun to stay at.Haha it was very cute.Happy new year