Instagram Doesn't Hate You

Whether you use Instagram for personal or professional needs, you can’t have helped but notice the way you see things has radically changed over the past few months.

Average engagement levels across the platform are just 1% as people spend more and more time scrolling and not interacting (sound familiar Facebook?)

There is a common idea that to be successful on the platform you need to have the magic 10k followers; and whilst the elusive ‘swipe up’ function (allowing you to directly link your product through the Stories) is certainly a fabulous addition, it does’t guarantee you engagement or business sales.

The joy of this platform is that there are many accounts finding success (be it financial or otherwise) whilst having what would be considered a small following.

The key?

Get Involved.

In a world of hashtags, it is easy to get buried amongst everyone else. And long gone are the days of ‘post it and they will come’.

Those running successful accounts spend time engaging with others, searching hashtags along with posting good quality content.

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