Places to Poo Before you are 2

So if you haven't guessed by the title then this one is all about our delightful SmallHumans and some of the most random places you have found yourself and your child having a moment.

Ours......The Beach

Imagine the picture perfect scene, SmallHuman had his first experience of being in the sea and he was drying off in his poncho. As he stood up and walked towards us we saw he had left us (and everyone else) a beautiful pile on the beach! Thank goodness it was late in the evening and the end of the summer holidays

So now we have shared our moment it is over to some other lovely people who were happy to share their tales...

At Home:
Nicola from Mummy to Dex shares the most common place...
'The bath! Seems my little Dex does it every. single. time that I'm solo parenting! He also loves to try and pick it up as it floats past him while I shout 'Stop!' 'Get out of the bath!' and wail inconsolably'

Always important to find a quiet space 
'In the toy cupboard I thought she was quiet and playing hide and seek could poo - opens the cupboard and there she is covered!'  (cheers Lianne from AnkleBitersAdventures)

'In a wardrobe and this was me!' (love your honest sharing Kate!) 

The classic stop and drop: 'Behind the sofa. It was the first and only time that my wee one chose somewhere other than the toilet. I spent all afternoon scrubbing the carpet'

'Up the garden...and then announce it for the neighbours ' Emma of

Friends/ Family (and your other half's boss!):
DevonMama shares: On your parent. Lovely moment midway through our newborn shoot! 

and another...

All over your big brother mid way through a photo shoot and then all over the photographer as she try's to help 🙈

My absolute favourite tale... On Daddy's regional manager, the first time you met her 

On your baby brother

Out & About:
On your Nana at your Christening (the leaky sort of go everywhere poo obviously). Http://

Nicole shares her tale...My oldest pooped in her shape sorter bucket at my in laws' place when she was potty training. My husband had the unfortunate experience of finding it! 

Another winner for the beach
Omg my daughter once did a poo on the beach at Scarborough. We were walking towards the sea and she was behind us. We turned around to find her squatting down on the sand doing her business! We were so embarrassed and didn't know what to do so we buried it! 

And Finally. 
Most unusual...
In the box of exam papers mammy is supposed to correct' courtesy of

Can you add to this brilliant list? I can't wait till these kids are older and we get to tell them these brilliant memories.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this it's nice to know we are not alone! 

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