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It is not often that one is invited to a blind bloggers dinner date. And so when this opportunity popped up I jumped at the chance.

My blind date, was not so after all; as I was matched up with the always delightful Bryoney . And so we met in town and walked up to Brindley Place in the glorious sunshine to find our venue.

We arrived into Siamais and I was immediately struck by the decor. Umbrellas and birdcages hanging from the ceiling (and I may have also got some strange looks taking the below snap in the ladies later in the evening!)
Anyway, we were taken over to our table and given some time to mull over the cocktail menu, which was full of so many wonderful creations, it took us quite a while to decide.

Final first choices were a Rose Mare for me (Gin, Mango and Rosemary) and an Aperol Spritz for my dinner date.

After much deliberation we also finally decided on our meals. I went safe for my starter with a ‘Golden Parcel’ which was minced prawns and chicken wrapped in rice paper and then fried. They were deliciously crispy and the filling was packed with flavour. I may have had food envy when Bryoney’s Soft Shell Crab arrived and wish I had been a little braver

For my main I was a bit braver and broke out of my comfort zone and went for the Char-grilled Lamb which was served with a Thai Preserved Salad and it was so good I am dreaming about it again. The lamb steak was grilled to perfection and so tender to eat (which is no easy feat!) and who knew that a pickled salad would be the perfect accompaniment. The freshness cut straight through the char of the lamb and also went really well with the cheeky coconut rice I ordered too!

Starters and mains demolished we couldn’t possibly have room for pudding could we? But of course. It is well known that pudding has a separate place in your stomach so no matter how full you are it will always fit!  I did myself proud and went for the green apple sorbet which was the perfect ending for me after 2 rich courses.

Throughout our meal the service was fantastic. I often find that as Brits we can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to hospitality service, but at Siamais the team were warm, welcoming and we were made to feel at home.

There were a variety of diners in on our visit from single diners (presumably on business trips),to groups and couples and everyone received the same level of service.

I will most certainly be back as a diner and even just to pop in for a few drinks on a night out. If you fancy something a little different go check them out next time you're in Brindley Place

I was really lucky to be fed and watered for free. However the thoughts and words here are entirely my own.

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  1. Looks amazing! Can't wait to try it myself next week :)