Mornings according to Minimonkey!
First thought  - I’M AWAKE!
Out of bed and off to the gate to see if it has magically disappeared in the night
Rattle the gate
Rattle the gate again
Mummy didn’t hear me
Hmmmmm, wonder why they aren't awake yet
(it’s 5.30m!)
It’s ok I can play
Oooooo I know i’ll pick out some clothes
(Empties all clothes)
Now for a book
(37 books on the floor)
Time for a sing a long I do love belting out Baa Baa and then Twinkle and then Bus and not forgetting Monkies on the Bed
It’s been aggessssss…..wonder if mummy and daddy are awake yet
(no we are not: it’s 5.37am! - ok we are awake and listening to him have a whale of a time, but no way we are getting up)
Rattle the gate
Rattle the gate again
Mummy didn’t hear me again
Hmmmmm, wonder why they still aren't awake yet
Think i’ll go and have a snooze
Rattle the gate
Shout mummy
Rattle the gate again
HI MUMMMYYYYYY (to be fair to him it is 6.15am and time to get up and ready for nursery)
Wash face
Brush teeth
Let mummy wash face again
Let mummy brush teeth again
Wash Bear
Brush Bears teeth
Time for clothes
Mummy has picked out a rubbish outfit
I pick out my clothes
Red trousers
Red tee shirt
Red socks
Mummy says i look like a giant tomato
I think i look awesome
Straight to the kitchen
Mummy says i can’t have crisps for breakfast
Mummy says i can’t have a biscuit
Mummy says i can’t have anything (that’s because mummy knows he will have 2 breakfasts at nursery!)
Mummy says i have to wear shoes
Shoes on! (mummy says well done, and about time!)
Time  Check 6.55am
Out the door we go
I’m exhausted just typing this out, I’m sure we all feel the same after the morning battles! God knows how much worse it will be once we start chucking in using the toilet too! (that’s our next battle!)

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