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One of our favourite cartoons at Monkey Towers is Sarah & Duck

It is such a lovely show about a girl, her pal Duck and the adventures they go on.
Let me give you some short ideas of past episodes so you can get a feel for the show…

There appears to be no adult supervision for any of the children.(You cannot count Scarf Lady; as her primary carer appears to be her bag.)

Where does Moon live? He always appears on earth before he goes ‘off to work’ and howthebloodyhell did he fit on a train? (See the episode Train Fudge)

Umbrella is scared of the water. Let’s think about this. 
Scarf lady has an arch nemesis in Hat Lady.
Duck uses the toilet (mad skills!)
They play a game called Twang Ball
Cake talks…...will they ever eat him?
Cake also has appalling taste in jokes (however; Daddy thinks they are amazing!)
Whilst Sarah has Duck, John has Flamingo
A pet flamingo. Why the hell not
Shallot number 4 has a form of Tourette's. 
I am waiting for the day he tells the other 3 to feck off (I think he has size issues)
Rainbow only comes out after the rain and can only see his family if it is a double rainbow which requires Cloud Captain to do crazy things from his Weather Castle (Michael Fish has nothing on this guy!)
How Baker makes any profit from the Bread Shop is beyond me as he has no idea what day of the week it is and relies on Cake (recently moved from Sarah’s house to the Bread Shop after he was lonely in the fridge) to tell him how to make dough.
If Cake can talk and the Shallots can talk, why can’t all the other edible products?

I think all of the above craziness is why we love this show so much. 

When we get on a train MiniMonkey looks out for TrainFudge. Each morning and evening MiniMonkey says hello to Moon and if he can’t see him he will ask where he is.When we had that ½ inch of snow MiniMonkey was outside crunching ‘just like Sarah’ and it was the most heart melting thing I have seen.

It was foggy yesterday morning and MiniMonkey told me it was ‘froggy outside like when PlateGirl lost her plate and Sarah helped her find it’. 

This is the kid who has in idea where he hid his shoe at nursery but can recall an episode he watched months ago!

Kids TV can be painful at times and there are many posts about the craziness of it all, but I love Sarah & Duck. Long may they reign champion in our household.Oh and we are of  all booked up to the Sarah & Duck Live in July (I cannot wait to see his face!)

First published back in January on the old CheekiMummy platforms

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  1. Lol... sounds like an incredibly strange mix of characters! I'd never heard of it before, super curious now!