A-Z of MiniMonkey and Me

My mind is filled with so much randomness and nonsense I thought I'd jot down a quick look at whats going on
A - Asses. So much of it. The cutest thing and yet also the most disgusting.
IMG_2113 (1).JPG
B  - Babychinos. We have always gone out for coffee and cake and from this I have created a babychino addict. He can spot a coffee shop at 100 miles away, and woe betide if we don’t go in.
C - Clutter. Our house, my mind. As messy as each other.
D - Drums. Love a present that makes noise (thanks Auntie G & Uncle A).
E - Eli. Nothing more to say.
F - Flamingos. Or as MiniMonkey calls them ‘Mingos.
G - Gin. always been my favourite drink. Now i drink a little more.
H - Hopeless. I am so hopelessly in love with him. My heart actually aches.
I - Infectious. This can be laughter or diseases. Dealers choice!
J - Jam. In all of the places.
K - Kindness. It never ceases to amaze me how kind his soul is.
L - Lele - my closest, oldest and bestest mate. MiniMonkey loves her as much as i do. This makes my heart smile.
M - MiniMonkey. AlthIMG_2115 (1).JPGough he is nearly as tall as me he will always be MiniMonkey to me.
N - Narna head. If you ask him if he is cheeky, naughty, a boy, a princess or anything really his response will always be, ‘no. I am a narna head’
O - Overtime. The 2am, 4am cries in the night. The snuggles where you can’t let them go.
P - Poo. It truly is endless. Just because he is potty trained does not mean the butt wiping has ceased.
Q - Queen (of tantrums). I am always impressed at the zero to nuclear level of ultradivaness
R - Random. I adore the randomness of a toddlers mind and the conversations we have.
S - Sarah and Duck. I love this show as much (ok, maybe a lttle more) than the MiniMonkey.
T - Tumble or Topsy and Tim. Both of them make me want to cry a little.
U - Unconditional. Until the day my time is up.
V - Valentines. The day he arrived. The day our world was forever changed.
W - Whirlwind (of Chaos). Minimonkey summed up quite nicely. It just never stops.
X - X-Rated. What is with toddlers loving to run around screaming ‘i’m naked’ as loud as possible?
Y - Yoghurt. The staple food of all small people (along with bread and cheese). And always to be found in his hair.
Z - Zzzzzzzzz. I miss sleep.

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