Commuting Vol.2

One of the first blogs I ever wrote was all about the woes of commuting.
After this morning's dismal start I am annoyed enough to write another part.
Let's start with today and I'll add in extra annoyances as I go
My morning runs on pure precision
We are up dressed and out the door by 7.05am
MiniMonkey is at nursery for 7.10am
I am out of nursery by 7.13am
At the train station for 7.19am
On the train for 7.23am
Catch connection at 7.41am
And relax for 1 hour 10mins
After trying for weeks to grab hold of the nursery manager to talk about a lot of things this morning I am accosted and given way too much information to digest at 7.10am. No time to talk or catch up about his developments that's for pick up time in the afternoon
I left nursery 2 minutes behind schedule
I missed my train by 10 seconds
10 seconds
I was on the platform as the doors shut
I think the conductor (are they still called conductors?) enjoyed watching me shout fucker as it left the station.
This resulted in me now having to get on the 8am train
It is packed
I’m wedged in a window seat
I hate the window seat
I am typing with my elbows in my ribs
I miss my 7.41 train
I get space to spread
There is a little gang of us that sit in the same spaces
We give each other the ‘nod’
I’ve been doing this journey for 18 months now and I think I am reaching my threshold.
Most people commute to work whether that's trains or automobiles? (I’m guessing few people use a plane to get to work!) and the joy of the train is that i can crack on with other things as I don't have to pay attention to the road (when they are not delayed or cancelled)
Other things that annoy the crap out of me
People who breathe far too loudly because they have headphones in and need to hear themselves breathe.
People who smack their lips….what is with that ! Is it a medical condition that you face must be moist at all times?
Door buttons...if it's not green and shouting at you stop pressing it nothing will happen.
When it is green and shouting you only need to press it once….it won't open any quicker! Yes. I'm looking at you man who needs to press it 27 times because you are so impatient.
And then when you try to get off you are greeted with a sea of people blocking your escape as they must get on in case the train goes without them.
Is it not polite to step aside to let others off first? Is it not common sense and decency to see that people need to get off before you can get on? Most times I have my trolley with me so I have to drag that off so need a bit of room . Now if someone is blocking the exit I will tell them to move (stern but polite so the message is clear). I'm past the stage of just dealing with it.
The train will not leave without you (unless you're late: see the top of the post)
Table spreaders.
You know the ones
That feel the need to encroach into your area and spread their packed punch everywhere.
I had one of these the other day...she was spread in both directions and me and my fellow traveller caught each other and had that moment of ‘well this sucks’
Perhaps it was karma when she spilt her tea and dropped her apple
I do feel better for getting that off my chest
I am generally quite a chipper gal, just don’t travel with me!

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